Une Plus Beaux village en France en Aveyron – the largest arcaded square in the Rouergue, a gem in architectureimg_1123

Timber framed and corbelled houses

Ornamental Carved Stone  – Gargoyles – Gargouilles img_1142img_1124

  Wrought Portes

Remains of historique merchants of various trades in commerce- knife makers, hat makers, forge and boutiques

Entrance gateways invite you in and draw you back to times of Kings, wars and plagues.

Gorges du Tarn

Today we drove to Tanus, Treban, Lédergues, Requista, Brousse-le-Château, crossing the rive Tarn, famous for its brutal floodings. In the floods of March 1930 it rose over 17 meters(56ft) in 24 hours, the low districts of Montauban and almost all of Moissac destroyed along with thousands of homes sadly killing around 300 people.

Driving alongside it crossing back and forth as the roads dictated via Montclar, Trébas where we stopped and registered out details with Emmanuelle at l’agence immobiliere, through tunnels, one in Ambialet passing by Église Notre Dame de l’Audery. Rising up to Saint Cirgue, Valence d’Albigeois and back home past the Viaduc du Viaur.