Weather Catch up

So today was a fixed public holiday here in France, All Saints Day.  The 1st November every year no matter what day it falls on that is the public holiday so folk often have yesterday off to bridge to the weekend and make it even longer.

So nothing open and Martin had to work all day, Boohoo… I know you are all feeling sorry for him and rightfully so. It’s a tough life after coffee break pre lunch… trying to relax for 5 minutes as I.T. has him very stressed today.


Not wanting to rub anybody’s nez in it but the temperature inside the pierre grange – clearly doing what its supposed to do… stay cool.

17.5 in the cold shaded stone Barn

But outside Martin was testing the water…brrrr and the food…yum quiche fromage de chevre epinard avec salade crudités

The temperature was around 28 earlier I even got ‘Corned beef skin’ through my linen shorts! Whilst eating my lunch outside. You know, that blotchy red-hot skin from standing too close to the fire!?!

And this is how the seasons are changing, the long shadows down the steep chemin, one of the roads leading out from our calme hamleau, the tree half-way down overwhelms my eyes with its abundant colour party going on!

My Man’s got wood!

img_1058This is a cord of wood – firewood  measuring 3m x 1m x 1m made up of trois stére 1m x 1m x 1m the word Stére originates fro the Greek word στερεός stereos meaning ‘solid’ and the French have used the word since 1793 as a metric in the original system not part of the modern day metric. We are going to need this to keep warm in our 200yr old farmhouse. We have recieved our firelighting lesson for the woodburner that heats the salon on the first étage.

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