Forget me nots – November 10th


The delicate alpine blue flowers used for many reasons, but the reason that I’m bringing it to your attention is whist looking for information about how the French celebrate or commemorate Armistice Day or Remembrance Day is exactly that…

A blooming flower which is often used a symbol for remembrance.

Created in 1921 to remember returning American Soldiers & of the sacrifices those made of life and limb, National Forget-Me-Not Day originally raised funds for services where there were none.

It was also created as a day to remember and get in touch with friends and family that you do not see on a regular basis, also for:

Grandparents day, that needs no explaining and hopefully does not correspond or double up to the previous sentence!

But I’ll get to the point, it is also the flower and day of Alzheimer’s Remembrance which is kinda cool that just before Remembrance/Poppy day on the 11th November when ‘lest we forget’, we remember both, grandparents and those that have lost the full or partial ability to remember for themselves that disease which only gets worse, and is very painful for those that can remember.

However now I have finally got round to write more about it, I can’t find my original research information. Desperate to get it posted, here it is raw, but to bring awareness, however painful it is to remember, we are non that forget those we treasure now and for always. TOGETHER we support one another, Time heals, but






3 thoughts on “Forget me nots – November 10th

  1. You have touched my heart and made me weep but not in a bad way just releasing sadness for those we have lost closest to our hearts 💜💜💜

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    1. Sorry I made you weep so early on a Monday morning, however my goal was achieved as I wrote it to help you feel a bit better. That may not be so obviously apparent but to release sadness makes room for happier memories to push through, better times will come.

      In the words of a great man.
      LC x


  2. Beautiful words, and so well put together !!! It makes you feel so lucky when you realise others have suffered so much, and we are the benefactors. Wars & disputes, and suffering, will always be around, but its down to us, to keep smiling and LOVE your neighbors.x


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