These are not for Halloween lanterns but some of them look just as scary.


Is this scary enough… sat next to me on the step sadly it was dying.

DSCF7100.JPGOr this sun set sky from the spare room fenêtre


M. Raferin is a scaredy cat couchon when he gets hand fed by the lovely Michelle notre gentile voisine.DSCF7055.JPG

Or this giant topiary chicken running away along the horizon


or the natural spooky mist rising from the river either that or someone has the dry ice out again!


Drifting, Dams, Drops…

No trick photography here but to see with your own eye what a treat!

HA HA HA ( Deep Voice scary Laughing)

Happy Halloween!!!

2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. WOW, your pics and Imagination are top class !!! Nothing passes the beady eye, loving your quirky comments. Sunset lovely !! When is the “Book” coming out. Mr Grasshopper looks abit rigid, dont think he gonna give you any more panics. Love it ALL x


  2. Well I’m kinda happy that I have a beady eye it’s just not so beady as Mr Mantis aka a Praying Mantis. What I’ve just research is that she lays her eggs then dies and that is probably the brown abdomen. Her body will protect them till they hatch in spring.
    The imagination was more desperate to find somethings that could be considered scary as there were some promotional Halloween sweets in the intermarche but nothing like the English supermarkets or the American celebrations. As for the bookyour just too kind, it’s just because I’m you baby that you think it’s any good! But I appreciate your following and comments xx TQ x


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