Fly tape x2 Day 5 flies 14

Photo By Julie Guerrin

So like every other household here in the countryside of France we seem to have our own collective of flies – GROSS! Where DO they come from? The windows & doors are ferme, we are sat in an enclosed room puis… buzz, buzz buzz, buzz et voila there is one et another et un autre. Up jumps Martin with his rolled up snoozepaper prancing about like Billy Elliot on his audition practice.  As I don’t like aerosols we bought some of those window stickers that give off insecticide, you know they look pretty, a ladybird, a papillion or un tournesol in stained glass effect PVC, also available are the sticky flowers they act as a glue.

NO.. .they don’t seem to be working flies are still flying like Martin around the room. So sadly we have succumbed to the fly paper. However it’s not pretty or attractive not even as nice as this :-rescue-flytape

What do you think they say to each other when they get stuck on there?

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