Free range -Plage Libre


Now that’s what I call free range and fresh. Eggs and mushrooms for breakfast? Michelle is so nice in her nature, trés gentile, tactile and very welcoming. I told her that these eggs seemed to have been laid on the wrong side of the fence, and suggested a placed it looked like the chucks had managed to get under the fence, however she said son mari had thrown them there after finding them in the sheep pen and not knowing how long they had been there! So one of the other neighbours Mandy (the owner of the horses and cake maker) insisted I took them and did the sink in water fresh float in water stale test but Michelle counter insisted with Mandy I did NOT have them, physically squabbling and produced two fresh from her pocket and asked me to have those, I took them straight home, enjoyed them with mushrooms from the market! Yummy yum yum.

Mr Rafferin

IMG_2353.JPGThat is his name, after the french minister with the similar tummy! He is so very timid however Martin managed to get him to come close enough to nibble the ends of his fingers, before he jumped and ran off mirroring Martin! HAHA!

His owner Michelle does not speak a word of english nonetheless we managed to converse with my little french and the international language of hand signals.


Who lives in a house like this?

Virac 81640, Tarn. Pres d’Albi.


La Crouzille, a short drive to Cordes sur Ciel (a fortified town built in 1222 by Raimon VII the count of Toulouse), we were accompanied by Pierre Albouze dans la chemise géniale.

Mais nous avons besoin que le terrain… he is asking the inheritors …

A whole day of viewings a demain with Loopy Laura our Anglais agent