Meet Miss Fidget

2016-10-07 11.21.12.jpgMeet le plus récent member to our familleBienvenue to Fidget.Elle is une petite batarde or a mongrel to us mainly made up of Griffon & Berger. I’m no Crufts judge but she dont look much like that to me. She was rescued from the farmers unwanted litter by her real parents Julie and Andy. She is huit ans (8yrs of age) so like us rapidly approching her 50’s, however slighly more nimble and agile than me! She could be Dolly’s longer legged sister with Cassie’s temperament. She likes Martin, he turns into a big clumsy puppy around tous les chiens, and longs for the jour when he can have his very own Brian ( a dog!) and Shaun ( a chat not a mouton)  Although he would also like rear his own Mintsauce & Redcurrant and maybe even a bit of Applesauce & Sage. Along with our very own Henrietta’s. But first we need to trouver notre forever home…

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