Meet Miss Fidget

2016-10-07 11.21.12.jpgMeet le plus récent member to our familleBienvenue to Fidget.Elle is une petite batarde or a mongrel to us mainly made up of Griffon & Berger. I’m no Crufts judge but she dont look much like that to me. She was rescued from the farmers unwanted litter by her real parents Julie and Andy. She is huit ans (8yrs of age) so like us rapidly approching her 50’s, however slighly more nimble and agile than me! She could be Dolly’s longer legged sister with Cassie’s temperament. She likes Martin, he turns into a big clumsy puppy around tous les chiens, and longs for the jour when he can have his very own Brian ( a dog!) and Shaun ( a chat not a mouton)  Although he would also like rear his own Mintsauce & Redcurrant and maybe even a bit of Applesauce & Sage. Along with our very own Henrietta’s. But first we need to trouver notre forever home…

Is this our new home…?

img_2383This is the 2ème viewed house but the 1er we liked in a hamlet called Montmeyrac, 12800 Naucelle. Unfortunateley the N88 ran through the back garden 50 meter à partir de la fenêtre de la chambre à l’arrière. We boohoo’d for a bit and moved on to number three. In a place named St Just that had farmer’s rights of way with his tractor 3 meter from the Facade de masion, this had a small river at the end of the garden.the first was in a place called Albagnac too quirky.  More to come keep checking back here (like the rest of the posts I will add to the end of the same subjects.)

My Man’s got wood!

img_1058This is a cord of wood – firewood  measuring 3m x 1m x 1m made up of trois stére 1m x 1m x 1m the word Stére originates fro the Greek word στερεός stereos meaning ‘solid’ and the French have used the word since 1793 as a metric in the original system not part of the modern day metric. We are going to need this to keep warm in our 200yr old farmhouse. We have recieved our firelighting lesson for the woodburner that heats the salon on the first étage.

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Naucelle – Port des Anglais

Aujourd’hui  (Samedi) nous drove to the commune de Naucelle, 15 mins 17km away crossing over the Tarn/Aveyron border seulment 200m as the crow flies. Predomenantly we were going to find the only immobilier in the village named Noelle ( recommended by our cake-baking, translating voisine Mandy) which we did and as she parlait n’Anglais her ami Maurice tried to help with our compréhension aussi to seek out any Notaires(of which we found one!) and view any properties AV( á vendre) in their window. Noelle has trois peut-être quatre properties for us to voir on Jeudi. Deux corps de ferme, une Maison de Maître et un autre… could we be this lucky even this soon?

As we walk through this ‘English Gate’ which is all that remains of 15eme century fortifications, which was erected by the inhabitants of Naucelle during the 100 years war to protect themselves against the roving bands of brigands who were pillaging the area.(We could smell the delicious Boeuf Bourguignon cooking in a restaurant aptly called l’Aromatique to the right) To the immediate left is a memorial called Place Marcellin Cazals. A square created in 2000 on the site of a house in which a jewish family took refuge. they were rounded up one morning in August 1942 and sent to death camps. And so the square pays homage to Marcellin Cazels, a native of Quins (6km nord), named as “Righteous among the Nations” for having saved the lives of many Jews.

There stood a slightly older than us lady (we didnt get her name) reading the names on the wall of a family of six the were killed, tuns out she was English from Chichester. Her husband Nigel who wandered around the corner to join us mid conversation had come on a school trip some 55+ years ago, having stayed in the hotel there which he said had not changed much! They have been on a 3.5 week holiday down in the more southern area fo France and had stopped off en-route to the Loire She told us that they had not seen any English in those past three and a half weeks, till now that is… made me feel a little sad having spoiled that for them by responding when she said out loud “Oh where has he gone now?” looking for her Nigel, however it reminded me of the Monty Python movie “The Life of Brian” where Brian falls in the pit and stands on the old guys foot making him speak, having took an 18 year vow of silence. We exchanged our reason for being there, with them at their enquiring requests, they were so positive for us and envious wishing they had done the same many many moons ago.


Hôtel de Ville – Town hall. this building dates from the 17eme siécle and has sucessfully been home to some dix familles. At the end of the 20th century it underwent extensive renovation work, both inside and out to become the picuresque building it is. the municipality moved in, in 1970.